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Two standard parts enterprises in Haiyan achieved the Railway Market Access Card

Update Time:2010-11-17  Click:2803

On November 5th, two standard parts enterprises in Haiyan, Zhejiang New Oriental Fastener Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Qifeng Hardware Make Co., Ltd., gained Shanghai Railway Bureau Materials Procurement Market Access Card, which marks the traditional industry of standard parts in Haiyan achieved new progress in transition. It is also a breakthrough achievement made by China National standard parts product quality supervision and Inspection Center to implement, and actively guide the implementation of "Haiyan Fastener Industry Promotion and Adjustment Plan" this year.

It is obvious to see the railway construction driving other industries. As it is, “415” program in "Opinions on the Implementation of Haiyan Industrial Transformation and Upgrading" and the "Fastener Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan" definite the nurturing and development of six high-end products groups, one of which is the railway fastener products group. Meanwhile, "Plan" also definite the policies and measures support. In order to guide the implementation of “Plan", China National standard parts product quality supervision and Inspection Center actively communicates with Shanghai Railway Bureau to strengthen its connection with Haiyan enterprises. Shanghai Railway Bureau is the main role of nation railway construction, and also one of the busiest railway bureaus of nation passenger and freight transportation. Shanghai Railway Bureau used some German products in High-speed Rail construction, whose key parts were produced by Zhejiang Qifeng Hardware Make Co., Ltd., which represents the highest level of the industry. Ren Weiliang, the general manager of Shanghai Railway Materials Co. Ltd., believes that some Haiyan products have strong strength whether the manufacturing process or the market competitiveness.

On the ceremony of issuing market access certification, Shanghai Railway Materials Co. Ltd. signed "Railway Material Purchase Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" with New Oriental and Qifeng. Chen Yuezhong, the chairman of Qifeng, said, government promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and enterprises gained the real benefit. As the enterprises point-to-point helped by China National standard parts product quality supervision and Inspection Center, their high speed railway spike, was researched and produced under the support of Center. The products used in the German company fastener system, has been successfully used in domestic key projects, such as Wuhan Guangzhou Passenger special line, Zhengzhou Xizang passenger special line, the Beijing Shanghai High-speed Rail etc..