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Center Students Pioneer Park was Named the Outstanding College Students Pioneering Park

Update Time:2012-08-15  Click:3820

In August 9, 2012, Haiyan County People's Government in the theatre held "Haiyan County, Haiyan County to create provincial entrepreneurial city and University Students Pioneer Park will promote the work of". National standard parts product quality supervision and inspection center Students Pioneer Park won 2011 Outstanding Students Pioneer Park honor, Center for college students Pioneering Park leader won the outstanding leader award.
Center for college students Pioneering Park is Haiyan County approved the establishment of the first batch of Students Pioneer park. Since the 2008 establishment, center in its talent advantage, basic infrastructure advantages, adhering to carry forward the innovation spirit ability of college students, college students Pioneering Park as the carrier, to establish and perfect the system, supporting the incentive policy, give students and give full play to the stage, we obtain actual effect. The development of college students "thread precision measurement equipment", "fasteners available torque testing machine" test project to expand the center detection ability; college students to implement the development of "nuclear power welding nail", "fasteners comprehensive utilization technology of waste water" horizontal service project, through the help enterprise to develop new products, to solve the general technical problems, committed to boost industrial development; college students, "high strength fastener Selection Guide", "fasteners inspection manual", the service industry at the same time, further enhance the ability of technology center.
Through the construction of college students Pioneering Park for several years, the center personnel have been further training, through the implementation of various projects, stimulate the center students enthusiasm and initiative, the center's work has been greatly promoting.