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Strengthening Test Equipment Standard

Update Time:2013-01-25  Click:2659

Recently, our lab has further strengthened standardized management of test tool and test fixture, "Fastener Products Test Fixture Atlas" and "Fastener Products Test Mandrel Atlas", edited by Performance Office of Standard Parts, have been compiled and bound into books. These two atlas are used to escort the technology of fastener product test fixture and tool, the atlas are in accordance to ISO, HB, GJB, ASTM and other standards for test tool and fixture, and standardize the external threaded fastener products, internal threaded fastener products, rivets products, smoke nail products and self-locking type fasteners related tensile properties, fatigue properties, shear performance, riveting performance test, torque test tool structure, size, material, machining, conditions of heat treatment and surface treatment and acceptance technology requirements.

The fastener products have various types and specifications, different performance and purpose, as well as different requirements of test toll and fixture in according with the relevant method standards for every product parameter. Performance Office organized testers to collect, arrange and summarize all kinds of method standards, in strict accordance with the requirements of test standard, drew 88 sets of tool drawings to support fastener’s mechanical properties test. Making and carrying on "Fastener Products Test Fixture Atlas" and "Fastener Products Test Mandrel Atlas" is helpful for the reliability and accuracy of test data, which can ensure the repeatability of test results, and also helpful to improve work efficiency and perform the test standard.