Failure Analysis

Crack analysis

According to the common crack, crack, crack, crack, circumferential annular radial crack, arc crack, the observation and the analysis of the crack shape and grinding by high precision electronic microscope, find out the cause of the crack;

Fracture analysis

Fatigue source zone, analysis of fracture propagation region parts, transient fault zone, load type and size to find fault, find out the exact cause of fracture, in order to prevent the fracture failure again to take measures to provide the basis for;

Corrosion analysis

Mainly for their parts in the use process, due to corrosion, so as not to the design requirements of function, or corrosion fracture, or not the safe and reliable operation and service and failure, by looking for the cause of failure, to avoid repeated failure accidents like corrosion; eliminate hidden dangers, to overcome the weak link in production, improve the manufacturing quality of equipment, guarantee the safe operation and prolong the service life of the equipment; improved structure design of equipment and improve the performance of the device, ensure the advanced equipment; to formulate operation process and operation reasonable rules of discovery and development of anti corrosion; the new theory, new materials and new technology for the production of services;

Analysis of unqualified process evaluation

The submission of the unqualified samples detection parameters, further analysis combined with the production process of products, find the links exist production, processing products, and provide a reliable basis for the enterprises to improve product quality, material etc.;

Fracture analysis

Fracture always occurs in the metal microstructure of the weakest, recording a lot of valuable information about the whole process of fracture. And classification, the conclusion through the macroscopic morphology on the fracture surface and microstructure characteristics of the close relationship between the direct observation and analysis as well as with the environment and time factor.

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