Safety Detection

Detection of harmful substances: analysis of harmful trace elements in product sample components, the analysis report
Testing equipment: direct reading spectrometer, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer
Hydrogen embrittlement performance: in the process of metal solidification, into which hydrogen can not be timely released, will spread to the nearby defects in metals, to room temperature atomic hydrogen defect in the synthesis and accumulation of molecular hydrogen, thus resulting in the great pressure, the metal crack; under stress, in solid solution hydrogen in metals may also cause hydrogen embrittlement, metal lattice in the wrong row atoms, hydrogen gathered near the dislocation, metal materials under the action of external force, the non-uniform stress distribution inside the material, the material shape rapidly transition region or the occurrence of stress concentration in the defects and micro cracks, due to hydrogen in the area of stress concentration and enrichment of the region to promote plastic deformation, resulting in the crack initiation and propagation; in the crystal has many micro cracks, crack aggregation hydrogen to adsorption on crack surface, the surface can be reduced, thus the crack propagation easier.
Detection equipment:
Fatigue reliability: fatigue test is a reliability test, the specimen or analog parts in various environments, subjected to alternating load and determination of its fatigue performance criteria, test and Study on the fracture process. The center can serve as a reliable performance of professional bodies can complete fatigue performance test of various products in accordance with the ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, HB and other standards.
Testing equipment: fatigue test machine, constant temperature and humidity test machine, etc.
Defect detection: using machine vision detection technology of advanced detection of surface defects, defects on the surface of the spots, scratches, pits, chromatic aberration, defect detection.
Testing equipment: ultrasonic detector, cover thickness tester, magnetic powder flaw detection machine etc.
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